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Service Descriptions

Individual psychotherapy (including sex therapy) is used to dive deeper into what makes you who you are. We will develop a treatment plan to meet your goals and break down what it takes to meet your version of success.  These sessions are 50 minutes long and start at $140. 

Professional Workshops are available with a focus on effective communication. By leading teams through conflict resolution skills and nonjudgmental listening, productivity and healthy relationships can be improved in the workplace. Please contact me for more details.

Clinical Supervision is offered for North Carolina's provisionally licensed clinicians. NCBLCMHC requires supervision in order to obtain full licensure. By sharing my expertise, promoting professionalism and cultivating a space for growth I proudly support the development of new therapists.  Additionally, consultations are available for clinicians located outside of NC. 

Diverse therapy clients
Accepted payment methods are credit, HSA, or PayPal.  A detailed receipt will be provided for clients who intend to request reimbursement from their health insurance companies. A sliding fee scale is available only to clients paying cash. Group therapy and the additional fee for crisis counseling are not eligible for a reduction. 
By providing access to therapy, I am also moved to eliminate barriers that would deter individuals from seeking treatment. Income limitations should not be a barrier: We can find a rate that will work for you, based on your income and household size. Please contact me for further discussion.
Some health insurance companies will reimburse clients for counseling services and some will not.  In addition, most will require a diagnosis of a mental health condition and indicate that you must have an “illness” before they will agree to reimburse you.  Some conditions for which people seek counseling do not qualify for reimbursement. Any diagnosis made will become part of your permanent insurance records.


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